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As part of the EU project “2050 – CULTURES OF LIVING”, TRANS URBAN presents the photo exhibition “ZUHAUSE/AT HOME”, which shows different aspects of Austrian living culture, as seen and revealed through the eyes of the inhabitants themselves.
To this end, in 2009 over 250 easy-to-use disposable cameras were distributed among interested citizens all over Austria.
The participants, drawn from all age groups, social and professional backgrounds and life situations, were asked to take photos over a two-week period of places with which they associate “being at home”.

The exact brief was as follows:
“No matter whether you live in a flat, a house, a single room, or any other type of setup, with the enclosed camera, photograph
• how you currently live (with or without fellow occupants);
• where in your home you feel most comfortable (favourite place);
•places in the public space where you feel at home (if any)”

   Form (german, pdf)

Once developed, the images were selected and assessed by an expert jury, formed by Leo Kandl, Paul Albert Leitner, Walter Jöbstl, Michael Stelzhammer and Hanns Otte . The sole aim was not to select the “best” or “most beautiful” images, but above all to arrive at the broadest possible representation of Austrian livingculture in its various manifestations and facets.
The resulting selection of 80 photographs , which was shown in an exhibition in India in february and reproduced in a catalogue, allows the viewer a very direct and personal insight into Austrian living culture.

Here on the website you can see the selected pictures as well as all of the 4000 submitted pictures (to be chosen by name).
Thus, we can show the entire spectrum of cultures of living - and thank all the photographers.*

Nariman Mansouri


We are grateful to the following people and institutions:

Sabine Adami, Mrs. Aeschbacher-Pec, Martin Habacher, Renata Hämmerle-Török, Sara Hammermann, Helmut Hempt, Gerhild Kiss,
Martina Leopold, Renate Marx, Alireza Sadegi, Erich Schelch, Martin Schelch, Maria Siller-Mascherbauer and Renate Zingerle (all distributing cameras in Austria).
Walter Jöbstl, Leo Kandl, Paul Albert Leitner, Hanns Otte and Michael Stelzhammer for selecting pictures and participating in the jury.

* Because of the number of submissions and the nature of the project, it is not possible to set technical or artistic standards for the photographs. Therefore, all submissions are displayed, despite their content. With the camera a form was handed out, informing that all photographs will be presented on the internet. Trans-urban assumes no liability or warranty for the contents of the pictures, authorized by the photographers by returning the camera .
In cases of a justifiable request, images may be deleted. Please contact the webmaster:

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